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Marketing is a tricky thing. What makes it so interesting and challenging is that it is forever changing. If this doesn’t freak you out when starting your business, nothing will! Grabbing the attention among so many established and hugely competitive brands is a near impossible task. Hence you have people who are specifically hired to do this job.

One such strategy put forth by a group of such people is ‘social marketing’.  This is a very implicit yet impacting form of advertising that dissents commercial marketing. Here the brand is placed at the forefront of a necessary behavioral change. This could be anything ranging from supporting LGBT groups to advocating euthanasia. The important thing is that the brand should lead the cause.

Over the years there have been numerous such campaigns that have recorded huge success rates. This not only made people think about the brand but it also induces a positive image on the minds of the prospective customers.

How do you hire a company good at social marketing?

Social marketing is tricky and it is not safe to entrust this task to amateurs, more so when you are considering using this kind of promotions to launch your brand. It has to be handled by experts who have done this kind of thing before. On the contrary, it is also ok to hire a company well experienced in other realms of marketing even if not this particular kind.

How is this ok?

It is because there are only a handful of companies experienced in handling social marketing campaigns. As long as the company understands the seriousness of the situation and has that great idea; they can really pull this off.

Tips for successful social marketing campaigns

Choose a cause that aligns with the ideas of your brand

This is the most crucial thing as people will be making a direct association with the brand and the cause,

Assess attitude of people towards the cause

This is again important since you don’t want to be on the unpopular side of opinion

Have the marketing company find causes for you

Since you are hiring a company to do your social marketing campaign, you might as well have work on coming up with ‘causes’ associated to your brand. You needn’t necessarily do all the work.

Discuss your ideas with the team and ask for their honest opinion

Opinion really matters here since it is a make or break thing. Take the varied opinions into account before you decide on a cause and its creative interpretation.

Experience comes in handy when it comes to successful social marketing campaigns. Make sure to hire an experienced marketing company for your task.

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Are you looking to launch your brand in style?

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This article was published on 2013/05/17